Release of CGA Fast Forger & New Features!

This is the 'release' of CGA Fast Forger from being 'in development'!

Thanks to all for the downloads and support, including streaming from @soshikihakase, Odin Play and @DeathnChaos and an article from indienova

The high scores have been reset and are now per picture, so this is your big chance to share your new masterpieces with the world!

New features for Version 1.3:

  • Added picture selection via arrows underneath the painting, you can now select which painting you wish to copy, err recreate.
  • Added a high score per picture, so you can try to rise to the top forger for each style and improve your CGA indexed color skills!
  • Added a high score gallery per picture, click on the scores to see the amazing forgery that got that score.
  • Added some feedback when selecting a brush size or palette, so you know when you are ready to put down those gorgeous pixels.
  • Added a new picture suggested by @soshikihakase

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