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3D Sprites and 3D Camera Control for Construct 3


How about a bit of nice 3D eyecandy in your Construct 3 game? FunkyQuadZ is a pair of Construct 3 addons for 3D Sprites and 3D Camera control. It can be used with the native C3 2D game events, editor, behaviors and logic to make a game that looks like Paper Mario or Doom. Example templates show how this can be done.

Also, highly recommended is the 3DJS template from MitsuStudios which uses FQZ for a more complete 3D rendered environment . There is a discounted bundle for both tools.


There are two main components: FunkyQuadZ  (3D Sprite) and FQZCamera (3D camera position and look at control.) They can be can be used separately or together in the same project. There are also some example projects included.

Beautifully Constrained 3D

Ok, this is not UE or Unity in Construct! Construct 3 behavior and logic is generally focused on 2D, but with some tricks and FQZ you can create a nice looking 3D game environment and still benefit from the great ease of use and speed of development of Construct. 


It's currently simplest not to mix 2D and 3D in the same layer. It is typically better to put behavior on 2D objects in one layer and use FQZ for the 3D render of those objects in another. Using effects on  FQZ is under investigation and there will be a another phase of optimizations for better performance. Definitely looking for feedback from users, in terms of feature requests or bugs!

Bug Report / Feature Request / Further Documentation

Check out this great template that uses FunkyQuadZ  3DJS a 3D environment template.

The Airship demo is from a user @rilemtwit, the creator of the great Mighty Goose game (the airship demo is not available as an example project.)


Get this asset pack and 5 more for $8.00 USD
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On Sale!
50% Off
$10.00 $5.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

FQZCamera-3-2-0.c3addon 10 kB
FQZSpin-1-0-0.c3p 896 kB
FQZBloom-1-0-0.c3p 365 kB
FQZTextureOffsetExample-1-0-0.c3p 5 MB
FQZlatformer-1-1-0.c3p 201 kB
FQZoom-1-0-0.c3p 605 kB
FQZCameraExample-1-0-0.c3p 546 kB
FQZSkybox-1-3-0.c3p 5 MB
FQZWrap-1-0-0.c3p 1 MB
FQZSkyboxSimple-1-0-0.c3p 46 MB
FunkyQuadZ-3-8-0.c3addon 16 kB
TintOpacity-1-1-0.c3addon 1 kB
FQZModelView-1-2-0.c3p 8 MB
FQZungeonGrid-1-0-0.c3p 9 MB

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Hi! Excellent plugin. I have a quick question though. I would like to be able to have a grid-like movement similar to old Dungeon Crawlers. But so far I haven't been able to figure out what you need to change in the controls in order for the Player to move correctly.

I have some ideas, we'll chat on Discord.

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I'm trying to determine if this or 3DJS are useful to me in my current game. I want to see 3D objects from a birds-eye view as my character (camera) moves around the map but also would like to see more than simple shapes.

Is there anyway to import blender models or know of a similar way to achieve this? If it doesn't exist in your plugin, would it be possible for you to add it in?

FQZ will not support blender models in C3. I suggest looking at integrating something like Babylon or three.js into C3 to render something that is more complex. Here's an demo/example I did using Babylon:


I hope you find something that works for you.

I appreciate your help, Thank you.

Well! With the big initiative of another community member and added per vertex texture support, there will be an example of FQZ coming with basic obj/mtl import. Here's an example.


Great to hear!


totally worth

does it have 3D physics as well?

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No, it doesn't. In my own use, I'm usually focusing on using Construct 3 2d game logic / physics, but use the FQZ 3D for the 3D visuals (for example in the Doom style game, the visuals are 3D, but the level layout, player and monsters and controlled in a 2D layout.)

Does it work in contruct 2 ? :C


No, it was created only for C3.


Ok thanks for replying ;-;

Hi, just want to re-confirm. Can we use a purchased asset to more than one game?

Or it just licensed as a single product (one license for one game only).


You can use it for multiple games. Thanks for asking! Also, I would be very interested to see a link to projects using FQZ.

wow that's great thanks!


Thank you, it is very useful :D

Thanks for the comment, if you use it, please feel free to post an example in comments, I would be happy to see it!

thank you! I'm trying to put some UI and element "in map" like your game https://kindeyegames.itch.io/aos-loss but I'm having some issues with positioning/scale.... can you put an example of object positioning in the 360 world?

Sure! I will rework the 360 view project to use separate textures (so there is no seam in trilinear) and an example of placing an object, it will probably take a couple days. Thanks for the question.


Check out the latest devlog and the updated example: FQZSkybox-1-1-0.c3p

Deleted 123 days ago

Nice work! I also put drag to move into my game you pointed to above, it does feel like a good UI for this type of view.

Possible to get the airship demo?

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Sorry, no. That was done by another developer (@rilem) who was testing some ideas with FQZ. 


Streamer sighting! (In Italian)


Holy smokes this is amazing!

Thank you, hope you have fun with it, if you use it, share a pic or two.


I will for sure dude, I just finished my first app, will start messing around with this soon.


Thanks for launching this, I bought the bundle (I think I told you I would on twitter lol :P ). I hope you get a bunch more early adopters! Would be nice to see what people could do with something like this!


Thanks, very much appreciated. Don't forget to see some of the notes on the usage and make feature and bug requests on the FQZ github link.