Release 3.2.0 of FunkyQuadZ - Texture Offsets

Added texture offset ACEs and an example.

Use the 3.2.0  version of the FunkyQuadZ addon and latest beta version of C3.

Texture offset lets you use a subset of the current FQZ animation frame as the FQZ texture. This allows you to pan around in a texture or use an animation frame as a spritesheet that could be used across multiple FQZs (this could be useful for porting models and materials to FQZs, for example in the 3DJS template.)


FunkyQuadZ-3-2-0.c3addon 15 kB
Feb 25, 2020
FQZTextureOffsetExample-1-0-0.c3p 5 MB
Feb 26, 2020

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