Update FQZCamera to 3.2.0 with expressions for transformation matrices

Update FQZCamera to version 3.2.0 with expressions for the FQZcamera's transformation matrices.

Add new expressions, useful for 3D object to screen space calculation and projection (so can map 3D objects to screen 2D space for mouse clicks, etc.) The expression value will lag the actual use of the matrices for render by one frame.

  • FQZCamera.MatrixP (Projection matrix) - JSON string of 4x4 matrix
  • FQZCamera.MatrixMV (ModelView matrix) - JSON string of 4x4 matrix

An example of the usage of the expressions and using the handy glMatrix.js javascript library are included in the FQZSkybox-1-3-0.c3p example.


FQZCamera-3-2-0.c3addon 10 kB
86 days ago
FQZSkybox-1-3-0.c3p 5 MB
86 days ago

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