This is a project and effect that enable you to play with editing the GLSL shader code for effect live while C3 is running. Mainly a learning tool for now, to play with shader code in game and see the effects.

Download the project and addon and test your own effects or explore other effects.

You can play with it in browser (e.g. change some formulas and hit 'run to compile the shader and see the effect.)

Install the Workshop addon before loading the project in C3.

Only enable one effect on the test sprite. You can change the effect to any effect you have available. Explore the built in effects, change the code, see what happens! The change to the effect is only temporary, they will not be changed after the project is closed or in other projects.

C3 SDK shader and uniforms info.

Skymen's excellent blog on creating C3 effects.

Ashley's blogs on C3 effect compositing Part1 Part2

For creating your own effects, you can experiment with the workshop effect or create your own effect using c3IDE and developer mode. You can then use Effect Lab to tune and change your effect in realtime and then save the code back into c3IDE once you are happy with it.

The main difference between this template and something like the excellent (and more capable) shadertoy is that this template has access to all of the C3 uniforms and also has the usual C3 GLSL restrictions. So, the code developed/changed in the template should be directly usable in C3 effects/shaders. 

Uniforms available for the Workshop shader:

  • param0 to param9 (float), use text box to edit
  • color0 to color3 (use color wheel to pick)

Known issues: some effects (perhaps extend box effects?) change size when the effect is compiled and run again.

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