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GIF Player for Construct 3.

Play a GIF in your C3 project. Loading and decoding takes some time, there is a trigger for GIF loaded and a condition for GIF loaded. GIFs can be included in project files or external (for external URL on a different server, the usual CORS policy must be set up on the server.)

The plugin is based on the excellent JS library GIFGroover by blindman67: github.com/blindman67/GIFGroover

See the example project for more details on usage.

The addon is free, only donate to help support development of future addons/effects :)


  • Load File {0}
    • Load and initialize GIF from a Project File
  • Play
    • Play GIF after loaded.
  • Pause
    • Pause GIF after loaded.
  • Load URL {0}
    • Load GIF from URL
  • Seek {0}
    • Move gif playback to time. Time is in ms.
  • Seek frame {0}
    • Move gif playback to frameIndex. First frame is 0
  • Set speed {0}
    • Sets the current playback speed. Set to zero pauses playback. Negative numbers play backward. 0.5 is half speed. 2 is double speed.


  • Is paused
    • True if paused.
  • Is loading
    • True if GIF is loading.
  • Is playing
    • True if playing (not paused.)
  • On error
    • Trigger if there is an error during loading and decoding.
  • On load
    • Trigger when GIF is loaded and ready to play.
  • Is loaded
    • True if GIF has been loaded.


  • Duration
    • The play length of the gif in ms
  • FrameCount
    • The total number of frames.
  • CurrentTime
    • The current time (ms). This is time at the start of displaying the current frame.
  • CurrentFrame
    • The current frame index
  • PlaySpeed
    • The current play speed.
  • ErrorMessage
    • Error message during loading.
  • GIFWidth
    • Width of source GIF.
  • GIFHeight
    • Height of source GIF.

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(1 edit)

Awesome work. What is the maximum GIF file limit that can be played?

(1 edit)

Thank you!

I think this will be limited by CPU memory, I have not tested it to the breaking point yet. If you see something that breaks it, please let me know!