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A procedural effect for Construct 3, a highly tunable starfield with galactic clouds. The addon comes with a C3 project that can used to tune all the parameters in real time.

If you happen to find some great setting, or examples, please share!

In the example project, click on 'JSON' to see the current settings in text form, you can save this text and apply it again, but pasting back into the JSON text window and the parameters will be loaded again when the text window is closed.

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StarfieldClouds-1-1-1.c3addon 4 kB
EffectWorkshop-1-3-0.c3p 711 kB

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Bought this, looks really cool! :D

Bet I could use this as a base for another project !


Great, I saw your initial work, nice trick to add your GB filter on top of it, looks nice!