Absence of Signal: Loss

Demo for NanoReno 2020

This is a WIP demo of a longer Adventure Game / Visual Novel.

This game uses a custom VN / Adventure Game Engine done with Construct 3

The 360 View is done with my Construct 3 Plugin FunkyQuadZ

The 360 Spaceship art was done in Blender by Yahel Dooley

The 360 Planet art  was done Flowscape by Mikal.

Controls: Mouse. Hold down left button and drag to navigate the 360 view. Left Click to continue Dialogues. Left click on 'Action Icons' to activate for example: examine (eye) and travel (boot.)

Portrait Art: Justin Nichols.


Absence of Signal - Loss (13).zip 23 MB

Development log


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Finally got around to playing it! Was really fun. The 360 view and slick futuristic UI helped a lot with the immersion in the world. TBH I didn't manage to understand the breaker puzzle, the first light was clear enough but I couldn't get the second combination and had to look it up. I love the interaction icons but I would consider having it stand out a bit more by animating it, maybe the same scan line effect as for the portraits? Balance between exploration and dialogue was great so the overall pacing worked really well. Looking forward to more if you decide to continue it!


Thanks so much for trying it, also nice to see a fellow Construct dev here.! The little scrap of paper was for some hints, but I do know that it's not straight forward. The first column represents the pattern how to set the related symbols and the other two columns are how to set the remaining switches.

I like the idea about animating the action icons and adding the scanline to make it match the rest of the 'projected' HUD. Thanks for the comments on exploration vs dialogue, I do want both, sense of wonder and story.

I am thinking doing another version or chapter for the Adventure Game Jam, so that will continue / update it.

See Devlog if you want solution for breaker puzzle.

So, I seem to be stuck on the first screen. ^^;

I can pan the view all around, and I can middle-click to create square yellow boxes, but I have yet to find and action-icons or other means of progressing. :/

That said, as far as it goes I like it: the 3D rotation is neat and works well, and the spacey environment is pleasant to look at. ^_^

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Thanks for trying it and I am sorry that it's not working for you.

So when you center your position over the computer screen on the left does an 'eye' icon appear as in the gif on the page?

If it does appear right click and it should start a dialogue.

If that's not happening and if you are on a PC, press F12 and if you see any errors, I can try to help debug.

Oh, wait you are stuck on the very first screen. Do you see the intro dialogue (left click to page through it) and then click on 'New Game' to start the game.

I also recommend using Chrome, which is the browser I tested on.

I don't seem to see any sort of intro or menu--I see a loading percentage that counts up, after which I'm just dropped into what appears to be a desert island in the middle of space. ^^;

I'm using Firefox, I'm afraid. (Under Ubuntu Linux.) I... think that I have Chromium (not Chrome) installed, but I'm a little hesitant about running games there, as I don't know whether what I presume to be a reduced version of the browser is a safe-enough platform for gaming. ^^;

I understand, it's working on my side, but I have had other reports of errors, so I am looking into it. Thanks for the help and feedback!

Ah! I think I fixed it (I had to remove a shader effect that was not rendering properly on non-Mac Chrome.) I hope it works for you now.

Based on a quick test, it does indeed seem to be working now! :D

I'll hopefully play it properly sometime in the near future, then. ^_^