Low poly models already in GLTF

I found this nice source of low poly models already in GLTF. If they are useful for you, I suggest joining their patreon.

Some are already in GLTF format. Don't forget to also grab the texture file.

https://quaternius.com/ example below with 3DObject.


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hi, i try import his tree low poly model but i receive error:

Error report information

Type: unhandled rejection Reason: Error: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'data') @ TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'data') at GltfModel.transformNode (blob:https://editor.construct.net/b438ae4f-1f42-4a30-8ed0-6ab42e5ecb2f:150:105) at GltfModel.getPolygons (blob:https://editor.construct.net/b438ae4f-1f42-4a30-8ed0-6ab42e5ecb2f:184:18) at Object3DInstance.doInit 

can you point me to the specific model?

Try download any .blend model and open in blender then export to gltf. That model cause problen when intype his path in C3

I have been using the gltf model versions directly, they seem to work well.