Load model ACE (load uninitialized 3DObject during runtime)

New ACE Load Model (modelName).

This will only work once with an unloaded 3DObject, during runtime. The model must include an embedded texture.  In the editor, make the modelName property blank (no string). You can only load an instance once (subsequent loads will be ignored.)

The modelName can be a local project file or a URL pointing to an embedded gltf or glb file.

It takes time to load a texture from an embedded texture, so it's best to load models early.

There is also a new property 'instance model'. If this is checked, then the 3DObject will load a model for just that instance and it will use it's own texture memory. This can be useful to load different models during runtime when creating new instances of an unloaded 3DObject. However, it will require texture memory for each instance, which can add up very quickly. So if you are doing multiple copies of a model, it is better to not check this property and then the instances will use a common texture.

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