A daughter searches for her missing father, with echoes and hauntings of Japanese American WWII incarceration.
Visual Novel
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Construct 3 3DObject, loaded from 3D model files (gltf embedded format)
Animated wind effect for Construct 3
Babylon animated 3D model rendered at runtime as a sprite in Construct 3.
Construct 3 Effect Lab Live Edit Effect/Shader code in C3
Early access - under test and development.
Outline Glow and Glow Worms effects for Construct 3
Shatter and fall away effect.
Integrate a Unistroke Recognizer into a C3 project template.
Starfield effect for Construct 3 with demo project
Play GIFs in Construct 3 with full C3 Object control and effects.
Absence of Signal: Loss
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Effects for Construct (mostly C3 focused, some C2)
Yule Log burning with updates everyday until Christmas
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